Presentations & Talks


V. Bourdon : Espaces collectifs et communs traditionnels, Une extension architecturale du champ des communs ? ; International PhD Seminar - Comparing Habitats, Morges, Switzerland, June 12-14, 2017.
Q. Zhong; A. Carratala Ripolles; T. Kohn : The mechanism-specific resistance of echovirus 11 toward common disifectants ; IWA International Symposium on Health-Related Water Microbiology, Chapel Hill, NC, May 15-19, 2017.
D. Pasetto; M. Putti; M. Ferronato : Combining model order reduction and preconditioned conjugate gradient for the solution of transient diffusion equations ; SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences , Erlangen, Germany, 11-14 September 2017.
M. Cheraghi; A. Rinaldo; D. A. Barry; G. C. Sander : Landscape Evolution Model at the Flume Scale ; Hydrological Processes in Agro-ecosystems and Sustainable Water Resources Management in Arid Land under Changing Environments, Beijing, China, 21-22 July 2017.


A. Ulseth; E. Bertuzzo; G. Singer; J. Schelker; T. Battin : Spring snowmelt drives ecosystem metabolism in an Alpine stream network ; Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, June 5-10, 2016.
M. Cheraghi; A. Rinaldo; G. Sander; D. A. Barry : Soil surface morphology evolution under spatially non-uniform rainfall ; AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, USA, 12-16 December 2016.
Q. Zhong; A. Carratala Ripolles; V. Bachmann; T. Kohn : Resistance of echovirus 11 to disinfection: The costs and benefits ; ISFEV 2016 Conference, Kusatsu, Japan, September 13-16, 2016.
C. Monterumisi : Southern echoes in a Swedish Wanderer. The urban complex Stockholm Town hall-Committee building of Ragnar Östberg (1909-1940) ; Beyond Rome. Architects' travel between the Nordic Countries and the Mediterranean, Italienska Kulturinstitutet "C.M. Lerici", Stockholm, SWEDEN, May 20-21, 2016.
F. Finger : Modeling the spread of cholera using human mobility estimates derived from mobile phone records ; Swiss Meeting for Infectious Disease Dynamics, Geneva, Switzerland, April 20, 2016.
M. A. Messer : A travers le temps et à travers l'espace; Transposer un dispositif méthodologique américain à l'étude de la commune suisse ; 1ères rencontres de l'EDAR, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Suisse, Mai 17-18, 2016.


I. Pasqualini; D. Piccolo; A. Rinaldo; M. Skjonsberg : Venice as Prototype - Intermediary Critiques ; UEE Venice, EPFL, March 25, 2015.
A. Gallice; B. Schaefli; M. Lehning; H. Huwald : A New Analytical Model for the Prediction of Stream Temperature in Ungauged Basins ; 26th General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, Prague, Czech Repulic, June 22-July 2, 2015.
F. Finger : Modèles spatiaux de la propagation du choléra en utilisant l'approche SIRB ; Méthodes Quantitatives et du Traitement de l’Information Médicale (QuanTIM), Webinar, November 20, 2015.
F. Finger; A. Knox; E. Bertuzzo; L. Mari; D. Bompangue et al. : Integrating remote sensing and spatially explicit epidemiological modeling ; EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, April 2015.
B. Schaefli; P. Manso; A. Schleiss : Herausforderungen für die Wasserkraft und Forschung im Zusammenhang mit der Schweizer Energiewende ; AGAW-Symposium „Wasserkraft im Wettbewerb“, Innsbruck, 26.6 - 26.6. 2015.


F. Comola; B. Schaefli; A. Rinaldo; M. Lehning : Flow and Temperature Dynamics in the Hydrologic Response of Alpine Catchments: Travel Time Formulation and Geomorphologic Signatures ; Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2014, Fribourg, Switzerland.
F. Comola; B. Schaefli; A. Rinaldo; M. Lehning : Hydrological and thermal response modeling based on travel time formulation of water and energy transport in snow-covered Alpine catchments ; EGU General Assembly 2014, Vienna, Austria.
A. Rinaldo : RIver networks as ecological corridors ; International Workshop in Hydrological Sciences, Venice International University, Venice Italy, April 11-15, 2014.
A. Rinaldo : River networks as ecological corridors for species, populations and pathogens of waterborne disease ; RiverFlow 2014, EPFL, Lausanne, September 2014.
A. Rinaldo : Catchment spatial organization and complex behavior ; AGU Chapman Conference, Luxembourg, October 2014.
E. Bertuzzo; F. Finger; L. Mari; M. Gatto; A. Rinaldo : On the probability of extinction of the Haiti cholera epidemic ; European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014, Vienna, AT, 27/4-02/5 2014.
P. Queloz; L. Carraro; E. Bertuzzo; G. Botter; P. S. C. Rao et al. : Non-stationarity of solute travel time distribution observed in a controlled hydrologic transport volume ; American Geophysical Union (AGU), AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, California, USA, December 15-19, 2014.
B. SChaefli; F. Comola : Understanding the relative role of hillslope processes and geomorphology in Alpine catchments ; EGU General Assembly 2014, Vienna, 27 April – 02 May.
F. Comola; B. Schaefli; A. Rinaldo; M. Lehning : Hydrological and thermal response modelling based on travel time formulation of water end energy transport in snow-covered alpine catchments ; EGU General Assembly 2014, Vienna, 27 April – 02 May.
B. Schaefli : Hydrology and Energy : The Turn-Around ; Invited talk at research seminar at TU Delft, Delft, The Netherlands, 02.09.2014.
F. Finger; B. Schaefli; E. Bertuzzo; L. Mari; A. Rinaldo : Parameter and uncertainty estimation for mechanistic, spatially explicit epidemiological models ; EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 2014.


P. Queloz; J. Besuchet; P. S. C. Rao; A. Rinaldo : Development of a low-cost wireless controller for flexible sampling strategies based on real-time flow monitoring ; European Geosciences Union (EGU), EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, April 7-12, 2013.
E. Chavinier; C. Lanoix; J. Lévy; V. Mauron Layaz : L'atlas à l'oeuvre ; Art et Géographie - Esthétiques et pratiques des savoirs spatiaux, Lyon, France, 11-13 février 2013.


S. Jolivet; A. Berne : Sensitivity analysis of polarimetric attenuation correction algorithms ; ERAD 2012 7th European Conference on Radar in Meteorology and Hydrology, Toulouse, France, June 24-29, 2012.


C. Ancey : Avalanches : phénomènes et enjeux. ; Lecture for "Club Alpin Suisse", Alpine Swiss Club, Morges, Switzerland, October 27.


A. Mezghani; B. Hingray; B. Schaefli : Hydrological scenarios under present climate situation in mountainous regions - Application to the upper Rhone, Wallis canton - Switzerland. ; European Geosciences Union, Vienna.
C. Schenk; M. Soutter; B. Roquier; A. Mermoud : Towards an information system on the water system ; 2nd SWITCH Scientific Meeting, Tel-Aviv, 25-29 November 2007.


A. Mezghani : Projet CONSECRU 2 – Méthodologie et Résultats Finaux ; INPG - Cycle de conférences, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble.